Me llaman Candle Wax Versus Paraffin Wax

With people becoming more environmentally aware soy candle wax is increasing in popularity because it is natural and "better for the environment then paraffin wax which is synthetic. "
Paraffin feel is a byproduct of refining petroleum. So it is synthetic rendering it bad. This is rather adorable that folks will pump 12 or 20 gallons of gasoline in their car and burn that upward very rapidly however they won't get a little tiny paraffin candle that will last a lot longer then that tank of gas. Within fact it will take longer to burn a 16 ounce paraffin candle light then it will to burn hundreds of gallons of gasoline in a vehicle. Buying soy wax lights to "save" the environment is not a lot of contribution.
I am tickled pink that everyone is trying to save the environment I have to live on this planet too but We would much prefer that individuals buy and burn paraffin candles then burn up that 10 or 20 gallon tank of gas. In addition to if everyone were to boycott paraffin wax it won't slow down the production or consumption of petroleum anyway and oil byproducts will continue to be produced and if no person were to consume the byproducts (paraffin candle wax) they aren't heading love baths to just disappear. The byproducts will be thrown out and become part of the land fill and be part of the environment anyway.

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Here's another interesting thing to think about. Since soy candlestick wax is so environmentally friendly because it comes from natural organic and natural sources where do you think oil comes from? Petroleum comes from decayed organic and natural materials (ha). Remember learning that back in the sixth grade? You forgot about this didn't you? Well okay I have to acknowledge that's obtaining a little bit out there, soy products are probably better then petroleum for the environment but that still doesn't change the above facts.
Therefore boycotting paraffin isn't proceeding to do anything to clean the environment. It can kind of a silly attempt at a very important thing. So if someone gets self righteous about the fact that they may be spending more money on soy candle wax to "save" the environment while you buy the cheap paraffin wax just send them to this article for a real possibility check and remind them of the gas guzzling Hummer they have in the building (ha). If you really want to save the environment from oil products take public transportation to work and leave the gas guzzler at home.
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